Shadows Of Legends

Shadows of Legends is a Story Serial, created by Coroxn. It is set in a Medevil world of Hybernia, where Two Kings rule the land, and Pokémon Knights travel the world in the hopes of fame, glory and wealth. The region is split up into many territories, divided amongst the Elemental Lords, some good and just-others currpupt and miserly, each with a castle, each with many rewards for those who defeat them in battle. The Battles here are not the ones of future times however, they are a complex mix of Melee fighting and Pokémon battling and the result is often death.

The story picks up with the journey of the Hanger Triplits, Colin, Evana and Sensen, as they become Squires, and head off into the world together with the intentions of becoming Knights. All is not well however; The Twin Kings are at loggerheads, ready to commit war, and the outside worlds are readying themselves for an invasion. And with all this, people are failing to notice a much more serious, universal problem unfolding in front of their very eyes.....


A Duel of Light and Darkness Two knights prepare to face off once more....
The Beginning Of The End The Hanger Triplets begin their journey with a trip through a forest, a visit two a temple, and a deadly competition.
Death In The Family As the Hanger Brothers are pitted agaisnt each other, the rules of the game change fast, surprises shock even the Elder's face and one of our heroes faces an early grave.