This is Tranquill and Unfezant's Poetrydex entry. Comment and enjoy!

Angry Evolution IIEdit

I was peaceful,
Tranquil, I'd say,
The same every day.

Emotions balanced
Responses calculated

And I wasn't really happy
(Happiness was kept in check)
But at least I wasn't a corrosive,
Abrasive violent wreck.

I still don't know what happened,
How I altered so much,
It was like a metamorphosis,
An evolution or such.

It's like whenever I see someone,
Something in me rises,
I have to kill them, have to kill them,
Before they unleash their surprises.

I don't like how my
Emotions were rearranged.
I don't get how my personality,
Core was just magically changed.

It's like I'm a
Different person now,
And I have to live
With me somehow.

And I do find,
When I'm me,
Living with myself
Is anything but easy.

And when I wake up,
In a cold sweat.
Because there isn't a person I
Haven't made hate me yet,

I don't know,
Can't quite see,
If life is worth living,
If you're living with me.