This is Starly , Staravia and Staraptor's Poetrydex entry. Comment and enjoy!

Misusen and AbuseEdit

When I was little you,
Controlled me,
All those years with you,
Took their toll, see.

When I was a bit bigger,
It got worse.
It was like your need for my pain,
Was thirst.

And from me, you drank and drank.
And I was broken, then.
And then you emptied your cup
And it all began again.

And I was in pretty
Terrible shape,
On the day that
I escaped.

I guess I had
Just assumed,
Everyone was
Just like you.

And then I learned
That this was wrong,
You, not me,
All along.

And I had family,
And friends,
And I never had to think,
Of you again.

Until you came back,
Looking for me,
But a different face,
You did see.

You tried to force,
Your missive,
But I was no longer,

And you saw the anger in me,
And then you tried to flee,
And then I drank from you,
What you once drank from me.