This is Squirtle's Poetrydex entry. Comment and enjoy.

Rocky Begennings Edit

Come out, come out', you say.
'I only want to be your friend'.
The young boy can beg all day,
I'll still be in here, in the end.

Safe in here, safe in my shell,
From the one who took me,
To he that begs, I say 'Go to hell'.
No friend here, send me back, see?

I was raised, just for this,
I exist to be trained by the young.
That is it, my only purpose,
Well, I'm broken. Get another one.

Send me back, I had family,
Send me back, where I had friends,
This home is not a home to me,
Send me back if you want to make amends.

You don't understand,
My words don't hit,
No, they just land,
At your feet in a pit.

Days go by,
I soften my heart,
Maybe I could try,
To make a start?

His face is round with tears,
This is probably been his dream,
And I've fulfilled his greatest fears,
He's a good kid, I've been mean.

I suppose I could accept my fate,
Go out with him, make some new friends,
I just hope it's not far too late,
Hope he'll accept my humble amends.