This is Slowbro and Slowpoke's Poetrydex entry.

You, My King?Edit

You, my king? No way!
So you're a little smarter,
You don't ever get to lead the way,
You pregnaicuos upstarter!

You, my king? Me, your servant?
You're an arrogant fool, you clown!
What could possibly make you deservant?
Let me guess, the 'Regal Crown'?

You, my king? You, my better?
You couldn't lead a....a...a...oh...erm...
So, my vocab's not on the letter,
But I'm better than you, insignificant germ!

You, a king? I'd rather be dead!
So mine's on my tale, your's is on your head,
To be led by someone so ill bred!
Dignity!? Let me hold onto a shred!

So, Slowking, (emphasis on the slow),
Us simple Slowbro's are fine as we are,
Happy with what we got, you know?
With you leadin' us-we wouldn't go far!

So leave now, and don't come near-
That fancy crown won't do you much good here!