This is Shuppet and Banette's Poetrydex entry.

Children They CryEdit

We are the children you reject and disregard,
These aching cries come from the bottom of our hearts.
We have been searching, yearning for this day,
We did not disappear just because you threw us away.

Our lives slipped through our shnds,
As you got bored with us and-
You threw us in the trash,
Or burnt us black as ash.

So now that we have you here,
Would you care to explain, my dear,
How to hold your love we so failed,
How our lives you so heartlessly derailed.

Well here we are alive,
Retribution you won't survive,
Our blades shall plunge so deep,
And you, as we once did, shall weep.

Shadows cast by happiness former,
Scarred by the love given by her,
Never truly gone away, never fade,
And so now we offer you a trade-

We want to hear you scream
Apologies, but it's our dream,
But if from sorrow you refrain,
We'll be happy to hear a scream of pain.