This is Shinx, Luxio and Luxray's Poetrydex entry.


It's there, in my heart,
Pumping through my conductive veins-
It's there, The Charge-
Connecting our collective brains-

And whoah! The pulse, the thrill!
I can feel my mind enlarge,
And whoah! It expands to fill,
The cavern that is the charge.

And it storms through my veins,
Every time you draw near,
Driving my fragile mind insane,
But the charge removes all fear.

And whoah! The pulse, the rush,
I can hear all the others thinking,
And whoah! The audible hush!
I see through them when I'm blinking.

We hunt, as one,
The Charge connecting us together,
But there's, someone,
Who I'm connected to forever-

And I just want to merge,
Let the Charge take hold!
Together our minds surge,
Letting the Charge control

It's more than a Charge, with you!
Anyone could see,
It's more of an almighty spark, with you!
All of them can see.

And when the Charge fills my head with your name,
When it fills you so much that you can barely breath,
That almighty spark will finally catch aflame,
And I'll breath for you if you breath for me.

Let the Charge direct us,
Let our minds merge,
Let the Spark connect us,
Satisfy this urge-

And yes, the urge is great and large,
It can guide us in the dark!
Let ourselves be guided by The Charge,
But lets be acting from the Spark!