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The Signal and The NoiseEdit

This instead.

Somewhere else,
Being fine,
Different life.
Not mine.

Nothing here.
Blank emptiness.
No emotion.
(Except for loneliness).

Feeding. Hunting.
Catching. Dismembering.
All I am now.
(Except for remembering).

No inkling of a past life,
(Except when I do)
No memories, nothing,
(Except it isn't true)

Excitable, young,
Fresh, new,
Me, world, harsh.
World kind to you.

No thought.
Just be.
(But I
Remember me)

(Remember fighting,
Remember heart)
Different now.
That just the start.

(Sometimes stirring,
Fake, cheap,
Biochemicals reeling.

No answers!
No anything!
Just this.
This everything.

(No. There's...
There's more.
Worth living for)

It left you!
Bereft you!

(I remember,
And then us,
Us colliding).

It left you,
Alone with me.
This is good.
Easy to see.

(Inside of me,
A commotion,
The stirrings of-)
No emotion!

No emotion here,
Dead now!
Alive once,
Dead somehow.

(But we could,
Be alive,
More than this,
Just survive-)

No more than
Just breathing,
Just thriving!

Emotion a con!
Only grief, dread!
Don't leave here!
Better off dead!

(Dead like this,
Dead like you,
You want me,
To be dead too)

Stupid words!
Cease blurting!
Making remember!
Making hurting!

(Memory, good!
The life you once lead!
Before you died, before-)

(But this torture,
Isn't existing,)
Your words,
Twisting, TWISTING!

Life is full,
Of pain and pain,
Again and again.

Life, rips,
And then some,
Better off dead,
Better off numb.

You just thought,
...I! The body!
The body that fought!

Fought for this numbness!
Fought for this shell!
(This isn't living.
This is just hell)

Stop talking now!
...I! Make the decisions!
To life, to die,
Avoidance or collision

(Going home)
What? No!

Liar! Liar!
You deceive!
Trapped like me!
Can't ever leave!

My insanity,
Is a song,
Soon you'll learn,
To sing along.

Maybe I was...