This is Sceptile's Poetrydex entry. Please comment, and enjoy!

King Of The ForrestEdit

A branch is much more than a branch,
It's a gateway, a path, choice,
Risk the tree coming down in an avalanche,
Or take a leap across the void.

A limb is much more than a limb,
It's a bed, a place to sleep,
Pick it wisely, for if it's too thin,
You'll never awake from the slumber so deep.

A tree is much more than a tree,
It's a house, a living, a home
You defend your home bravely,
Or at the end you end up with none.

A leaf is much more than a leaf,
It's a pillow, or more often, cover,
Sneak up on prey, quiet as a thief,
Mop your mouth when the meal is over.

A nut is much more than a nut,
It's a lifesaver, a joy, a meal,
Always delectable, delicious-but,
Best saved for later, I feel.

A king is much more than a king,
He's a husband, a father, a man.
The King Of The Forrest has not throne nor ring,
He simply does the best that he can.