This is Sableye's Poetrydex entry.

Never Too LateEdit

Swirling, swishing, waving, churning,
Into my eyes the darkness burning,
It's all around me lest I ever forget-
Darkness is my eternal regret.

Born in it, lived in it, determined
Not to die in it like vermin,
Because I'll see sky before I see heaven's gate,
And it's not too late, Because it's never too late.

And as I stand here on my own,
Living in the dark that I call home,
Wondering if my eyes will ever see-
Or has this darkness blinded me?

But here I am, safe and sound-
(In the dark, in the dark, in the dark)
Why ever venture above ground, be away from
(From the dark, from the dark, from the dark)
Is it even safe in the light, outside
(Of the dark, of the dark, of the dark)
Here where it's so easy to hide,
(In the dark, in the dark, in the dark),
Maybe living here is my fate? To be-
(In the dark, in the dark, in the dark),
It can wait, it's not too late,
It's never too late.

So I stand in the Twilight,
Betwixt the world outside-
And my haven of eternal night,
Where to be still is to hide,
Instinct demands I stay,
Resolve demands I go,
Whichever one will have it's say,
I am at a loss to know.

Can I survive out in the light?
Should I try it when it's night?
What if I were to die of fright?
What if the difference is only slight,
And my fantasies are ruined tonight?

Thoughts fill my empty head,
I know what's best for me tonight,
But I want you instead,
You plague upon me, known as light.

Shake thoughts from my mind,
Tossing it from side to side,
Mustering whatever I can find
To take a towering step outside.