This is Riolu's Poetrydex entry. Comment and enjoy!

The Colour SpectrumEdit

Humiliation is white,
Naked, and exposed,
Secrets and revelations,
Unwillingly juxtaposed.

Anger is green,
Coiling, coiling,
Until its release-
Then it is boiling.

Despair is black-
For no emotion can beach-
No colour, no light-
Ever could reach.

Apathy is grey,
And around aplenty,
Almost dead,
Dreadfully empty.

Happiness is white-
Not that based on malice-
Pure and smooth and calm,
Like drinking from a chalice.

Compassion is green,
Earthly, linked, as one, together,
Sympathies shared,
And the promise of sharing forever.

Love is black-
For no reason can breach-
No worry, no malice-
Ever could reach.

Honesty is grey,
And rare as grey flowers.
My trainer and I-
Such honesty is ours.