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Angery EvolutionEdit

Quiet and timid
And calm and cute,
My personality traits-
No dispute.

But also determination,
Which lead to conflict-
In which my timid disposition
Did naught but constrict.

Of course, you see, battles,
If you fight enough,
Eventually must be won,
No matter how tough.

And when you win enough,
You grow into more of a danger-
More powerful, more mature-
In my case, more full of anger.

And everything I ever was,
Is meaningless, here and now,
And I am just so fucking angry,
How did I change this much, how?

Is this aggression a fucking improvement?
This angry blood pulsing under my skin?
The hate I have for everything,
My foes, my surroundings, my kin?

This increase of aggression,
Is sending me to fucking despair!
I feel I need a fucking session,
On a fucking psychiatrist's chair.

But it's not like they can do anything!
When this a fucking biological function,
My anger is right and natural-
It's my hate for it that is a corruption.

And all the senseless destruction,
Of my surroundings, the tearing-
And the words thrown at everyone-
Loved ones hear nothing but swearing.

And I look at what I used to be
And how I fucking hated it then.
Will I finally be happy,
When I fucking evolve again?

I better fucking evolve,
Some god-damn restraint.
Or Arceus will experience,
First-hand, my complaints.