This is Pikachu's Poetrydex entry. Enjoy, and please comment. Warning, contains a minor swear word.

Aggression Edit

And the blood riles in my veins,
Yeah, this is a fight I will win,
Electricity drives me insane,
Yeah, and I'll win this fight in thick or thin.

They'll all scream bloody murder
But I'll already have dug the grave,
Before they can take it further
We'll flee this place before they rave.

All your life he's been crushing,
Your spirit and I won't let him,
All my life he's been brushing
Me away. I won't forget him.

Long after I have struck the final blow,
I'll wonder if he figured out enough to know,
Will he even remember me as I strike him down,
Will he understand why I do it as he touches the ground?

He stands there, the brutal bastard,
And the plan is going to disaster.
Our blood is mixing from the fight.
He's exhausted, I'm alight,
With the fire of what I'll do tonight.

I ram my frame into his skull,
Like rocks ripping a ships's hull,
I wonder if he's sober enough to feel?
The damage done will take weeks to heal,

Should I do it? Should I kill him?
It always seemed kind of right,
But I don't want to be the villain,
To strike him down after the fight?

He's clearly not quite done yet,
I just can't let him recover,
So I hold and attack and...and...
Don't let go until it's over.

And they'll all scream bloody murder
I can't even dig the grave,
We'd better push on a bit further,
Who knows how far they'll chase?

And I know I had to do it,
But that doesn't exactly make it right,
I'll just have to get through it,
Save the whispered words for night.