This is Omastar's Poetrydex entry. Please enjoy, and comment!


My thoughts are blurry as I wake,
Thinking of dreams that I just had,
Nightmares I must soon forsake,
For they will probably drive me mad.

Dreams of losing footing,
Of falling into tar,
Of my friends shouting,
My name, 'Omastar'!

And a black enveloping darkness,
That swallowed me whole,
A strange, suffocating darkness,
That cut me, deep in my soul.

But past is the initial scare,
And I will soon forget,
There hasn't been a nightmare,
That I remember yet.

But wait...I cannot move,
Limbs heavy no matter what I do,
The sky above is only a roof,
Of sterile gray-the nightmare begins anew.

Strange creatures pry me from my jail,
Ones the like of which I have never seen,
Tall, lanky, with strange faces, looking frail,
Making strange sounds, I have no clue what they mean.

They look to me expectantly,
Minutes roll slowly by.
Until they grow bored of me,
And take away the sky.

Everything is stolen,
Enveloped in red,
My eyes grow shut, swollen,
And I am surely dead.

For this is not sleep,
Though it feels much the same,
For I am awake, see,
This state-it has no name.

Then, the darkness surges away,
And I can see the world again,
But to it I have naught to say,
All I see is a filthy animal pen.

Strange creatures look at me,
Clearly Pokémon, these,
Some I recognise-Pinser, see!
Others strange, though all are pleased.

"You are the first" they say.
"Tell us, what's it like there?
How is it different from today?
What Pokémon haunt the land and air?"

I don't know what they mean, at first,
But soon the truth comes out-
I have been taken from my time, cursed!
That's what this is all about.

I died, millions of years ago,
But I fell into pits of tar,
I was salvageable, though,
And I have traveled far.

Many of my kind have been found.
And we shall be released-
To rebuild our species in new ground.
There! Aren't I pleased?

But no, I'm not pleased,
Instead I am filled with dread.
Everyone I ever knew-
Friends and family, dead.

I wish they'd never brought me back,
I wish they'd left me in my home,
Because now I am doomed to spend,
The rest of my days alone.