This is Munchlax and Snorlax's Poetrydex entry.


Snorlaxes are so big and cuddly,
In fact, Munchlaxes are too,
But whilst they are so fat and bubbly,
They pack a punch or two.

Though they may seem docile and calm,
STOP!!! That's what they want you to think!!!
They held the fate of the world in their palm,
They brought us to the edge, to the very brink!

Long before we were born,
Before the Elder(s) had turned three,
Along came a Sonorlax family scorned,
They set off on a horrific killing spree.

They swallowed everything whole,
Men and Pokémon alike!
Their damage took an almighty tole-
The population halved over night!

The world was in terrible peril-
But what were the humans to do!?
But a bright aroma lady named Cheryl
Calmly decided to think it through.

She thought for a full day,
She thought for a full night,
They proved immune to repel spray,
They walked through fire with no fright.

All they did was eat and eat,
Poison was digested with no harm,
Nothing could stop this Snorlax fleet-
But why need to? Cheryl sounded the alarm!

All the food in all the land,
Was to be placed on an enormous plate,
They heard her idea, thought it grand,
And set to work at a great rate.

The aroma carried on for miles,
The aroma of all the world's food,
Set up in great, enormous piles-
The fleet came, being great fools.

And they ate and ate and ate-
Gorged till even their stomaches were full,
They worked at an alarming rate,
They ate it all, them being rather dull.

But as they lay stuffed, Cheryl-
Shouted out the great long battle cry-
The Snorlaxes were in great peril-
1000 Graswhistles used simultaneously.

It put the monsters asleep
They wouldn't awake for days!
Fallowing Cheryls commands like sheep-
The world worked up a raze!

Rocks upon rocks were dropped,
Covering the beasts from head to toe,
They made a mountain, topped-
In glorious, glorious snow!

The beasts buried, the world saved,
Surely it would never happen again?
No! It will, and it must be braved-
Under apocalyptic pain.

For the chubby horrors shall arise-
And eat and eat and eat!
Just don't look to me in surprise-
When you see the Snorlax fleet!