This is Mewtwo's Poetrydex entree. Be Warned, it contains a single swear word.

Carbon CopyEdit

And of course you sense me coming,
Try to flee, take flight,
I fill your mind with mystic drumming,
Urging your will to fight.

Your turn to me, your body agile,
Twisting and turning in the air,
Your so small, and so fragile,
Easy to break, easy to scare.

My fingers flex, my mind elate-
I'll prove original weaker than cloned,
I blast a powerful Incinerate-
Power great my mind is so honed.

You catch fire and writhe,
Body covered in muck and sand,
Undeserving to be alive,
Once again I flex my hand.

I summon up all my strength,
All the power that I can find,
And after charging at great length,
I barrage you with my mind.

You fall, weak, back broken,
The first Pokémon to ever exist,
You are weak, you are but a token
Of my power, that's the twist!

I was made by power and science,
You a freak accident of lady luck,
Within myself I find reliance,
Within you is merely the will to fuck.

All you do is what instinct commands,
I have logic and thought in my reach,
You must comply to nature's demands,
My mind is immune to instinct's breach.

I see you attack-what's this, mega drain?
I laugh-is this the greatest you can muster?
You must have been driven insane,
You pathetic, simple-minded luster.

But then I slip, realize too late-
You and I share the same genetic code,
I'm such a fool-All I did was berate!
Now within you I am forced to abode.

I grow pathetic, ever weaker,
I find that with each passing our-
My strength is growing ever weaker-
Only adding to your formidable power.

You are pure,
I'm tainted with thought and sin,
You are pure,
I see that now. Well done, you win...