This is Magby, Magmar and Magmortar's Poetrydex entry. Comment and enjoy!

The Fires of Contentment Edit

A child, a baby,
Born to flame.
Magby, Magby,
Calling my name.

But, so soon,
My fires died,
Ripped away,
Cried and cried,

Grew, and grew,
Over and over it.
Got bigger, stronger,
Powerful, loved it.

Expelling the cold
With fiery breath,
Attacked by strangers,
Fires dealt death.

Lived a life alone,
In a smoking crater.
Mother disappeared.
I did hater her.

Met with a girl,
Of the same kind,
Us too girls together,
We did entwine.

Together for a time,
We took up too much oxygen,
And before too long,
She had to hit the road again,

At this point I had,
A negative view,
Of almost everyone,
Would have hated you.
Sometimes kinda do.

And then you came,
And we battled,
And you won,
I was rattled.

Wanted to be better,
Wanted true strength.
Decided to go with you,
For a brief length.

And I grew to love you,
Someone to rely on,
Hatred being burned away,
Someone to dote upon.

You gave me a Magmarizer,
Traded me, me away.
Guess I never realised her,
Love of me was temporary.

Hated everyone again,
No one worthy of my trust,
But I saw my new trainer,
I must fight with her, I must.

So strong, so solid
I so wanted her grudging respect.
Fought with all my new-found power.
Hatred burnt out, admiration left.

And, like flame
Come from ashes,
Out of our battles,
Our clashes.

We sparked, and caught,
Caught aflame.
Champions now!
Everyone knows our name.

Such a life,
It does exist.
I am happy
With this.