This is Leavanny's Poetrydex. Comment and enjoy!


And I see you,
All alone.
And I want, to,
Make you a home.

But in this world's
Desperate attack,
All it leaves you are
The clothes on your back.

And that's the only gift,
That I can give.
And then I leave you,
I have a life to live.

But no matter where I go,
Outcasts seem to find me,
Or I them, so I cloth them,
And leave them behind me.

Because I can't save you,
It's not my place to do so,
Imagine your parents,
You away they do throw.

And when you can't have children,
You want to hold on to the ones you see,
But other parents own you,
I can't steal you, so I just have to leave.

And if you grow up remembering,
What I did for you,
There's a chance you'll do,
The same for other's too.

And believe me when I say,
I desperately don't want to-
But if my child was ripped away-
So I have to leave you.Alone.