This is Leafeon's Poetrydex entry. Comment and enjoy!


I'm happy.
Though I do miss you.
I'm happy!
I'm surprised to find it's true.

We were together,
In both love and hate,
Until split apart,
By a bastard faith.

And the anger,
It filled me for days,
And there wasn't a death
That I didn't appraise...

But I changed, am
Different now.
And I got over it,
Moved on somehow.

Leaves surround me,
Grow around me,
On me and in me,
This forest found me.

And I fell to it,
I crumbled slowly,
Let it wash over me,
Take me in wholly.

Leaves within me,
I am the forest now,
New friends, new life,
I moved on somehow.

And I'm so, so happy here-
I just realised.
I never thought it would happen,
Boy was I surprised!

I thought it was a lie-
"All wounds does time heal"
Bow how else to explain-
The happiness that I do feel?

And I do miss you,
And will think of you always,
But here in the warmth,
Of long summer days,

It's so so easy to,
Become smooth tranquillity.
Wherever you are.
Hope you're as happy as me.