This isLatias' Poetrydex entry. Please enjoy and comment.


What do you think?
That we are both clones?
Same lives, same living,
Same blood, same bones?

I guess that's true,
Yes yes, maybe,
But we are different, too,
Me and him, him and me.

We are not two sides,
Of the exact same coin,
We differ in our minds,
And though in opinion we join...

I am not him,
He is not me,
We are separate,

I like to fly high,
He liked to fly low,
I'll take it by and by,
For him, only just so.

I like the warm heat,
He liked the cool breeze,
I strongly hate defeat,
He takes it with ease.

I am a liberalist,
I say what I think,
To get a drop from him
He must be at the brink.

We are different, but you,
Act as if we are all the same,
We are similar, that is true,
But we differ more than just in name.

Don't I deserve differentiation?
What have I done to be a twin?
My triumphs deserve great celebration,
But at least half of all credit goes to him.

I feel no sympathy, no self pity,
Only anger and righteous defiance!
There's more to me than duality,
There's will, reserve, self reliance.

I will not suffer by him,
He should not suffer by me,
My win should be my win,
Of the Latia label I wish to be free.

So as I take to the air and fly,
I feel chained by prejudice, though I am free,
We are different minds, he and I,
We'll prove ourselves different people, you'll see.

Yes, you'll soon see,
We're more than duality.