This is Huntail's Poetrydex entry. Comment and enjoy.

A Beautiful SlaughterEdit

A long and noble lineage,
Of beauty and profound grace,
The slow trappings of being a Clamperl,
At sixteen, do change pace.

Because we are no longer ugly,
When the Deep Sea Scale is done,
"Us Gorebyss are so striking,
Beloved by everyone!"

I was to be transformed-
As of family tradition,
To go from boring, clunky,
To the most marvellous condition!

Alas, my family was corrupt,
And had wounded a valiant youth,
A youth, who, in revenge,
Wounded me with a Deep Sea Tooth.

Beauty to ugliness-
Grace to hate-
An everstone brought-
But brought too late.

Corrupted, twisted,
Horrifying and repulsive,
A hatred for niceties,
Truth and feeding compulsive.

And the subtleties of court,
Soon became a waste of time,
Ignoring the traditions
That had stood the test of time.

And despite good intentions
(Of which there were only facades)
My parents eventually damned me,
To the Gorebyss version of hades.

Sent to work for myself,
I chose the life of a mercenary,
We Huntail were swift, cruel,
And more than a little scary.

And I achieved success,
Surprise surprise,
What would my parents say,
Of this new thing before their eyes?

I still harboured dreams back then,
Of a reversal, of going back again,
Surely, if I was a Gorebyss,
My parents could love me then?

But as I gave up the life of a mercenary,
And became a brave assassin instead,
I learned to be happy for my new self,
For if I was a Gorebyss, I'd be dead.

"They've given too many,
Heroes the shiv.
Kids, grandparents,
Let none of them live."

And it was true,
Their corruption was awful,
But completely unstoppable,
To the completely lawful.

"Honey, look,
It is our daughter!
Let us rejoice-"
Then commence the slaughter.

"We're so, so sorry,
What were we thinking-"
And then I don't stop,
Till there's none of them blinking.

But they never woke up,
In the pale darkness, they did gleam-
None alerted, none saw me,
Did none of them scream.

A hidden perversion,
Corrupt and complacent.
Glad I happened,
To be so wonderfully different.