This is Houndoom's Poetrydex entry. Comment and enjoy!

The Pent-Up, ExpressedEdit

I stand.
In a desolate world.
No lights. No music.
Just anger. Just cold.

Evil, oh?
Interesting opinion.
You get less opinionated,
The less limbs I leave on.

I rarely professed violence.
And when I practiced-
I soon practiced repentance.

But there's-
Only so much of being called scum-
One being can handle.
(Don't let the sunrise come!)

Only so-
Much dark oppression.
"Dark equals evil!"
Is your sole expression.

Protest only takes you so far.
After that you must run-
On your own power.

Your opinions-
And your fear.
You do scream in terror,
Whenever I draw near.

This is oppression-
And tell me was it fun?
Before I practiced what you preached!
(Don't let the sunrise come!)

Do you know how many darklings,
Were killed by your fear?
The highest number you imagine-
Doesn't draw near.

With lips bit off,
I do trust,
You'll let me speak now?
You must.

Stop interrupting,
Stop shoving opinions,
Down throats,
Do I have to kill again?

After the first kill-
"Oh, what have I done?"
But as the numbers rose-
(Don't let the sunrise come!)

And as justice flourished-
Under my expert will,
Your crimes multiplied-
Instead of standing still.

It seemed my efforts,
To educate,
Have gone to waste,
So much hate.

I would have given you a chance,
But now the damage's done.
I'm burning all you fuckers.
(Don't let the sunrise come!)