This is Ho-oh's Poetrydex entry.

Brown Resistor CodeEdit

A loved one lost,
A tragedy,
A corner cut,
Deep out at sea.

A storm brewed,
For higher purpose,
He was screwed,
And between us,

He wasn't important enough,
To even have a chance to justify
The risking of a thousands lives,
That rided on the storm, so he had to die.

And now he rests,
At the bottom of the sea,
But you're not resting,
And now you've come to me.

This is the story so far?
Well I admit I am unimpressed,
Many have tracked me down,
You don't stand out, not yet...

But regardless,
I'll help you,
Because it's not like
I've anything better to do.

Keeping the world in harmony,
Is the task asked of me,
You're husband's rotting in the sea,
That's exactly where he should be.

And I don't mean to be cruel,
But who goes out fishing in a storm?
The man was probably a fool,
Who didn't deserve to be born.

Besides, who am I,
To tamper with his fate?
I can't go around rescuing,
All those who are late.

The fish have probably eaten,
His eyes, it's much too late.
And if I do a miracle for you,
Thousands will come, I have faith.

So the dead will stay dead,
As they are supposed to be,
And unless you want to join him,
I suggest you get leaving me.

Oh my...
But I...

Then I'll do this for you,
Send you to planes higher,
It'll hurt, for a tiny minute,
Before you're consumed in sacred fire.