This is Haxorus's Poetrydex entry. Comment and enjoy.

Evolution TwofoldEdit

The violence I once used to relish in,
Now seems to me,

And everything I used to be,
Now seems to me.

And I'm sure if I could see what,
I am now.
I became this, how?

A physical change, rapid growth,
Unequal distribution.

I feel the eyes of who
I used to be.
Just stare at me.

I changed for the better,
I believe.
Do I deceive?

This anger that once filled me's
Gone now.
Gone how?

Evolution? Corruption? Maturity? Weakening?
Is there an answer around?
How can one be found?

I hate that which I was.
Hate it.
Berate it.

I've come a long way now.
No longer angry.
Lo longer the old me.

But is this the best thing that could have happened?
When what I was felt so good too...
You can't explain this, can you?

If I grow stronger when I grow older,
Do I also grow wiser?
The world's a miser,
With the truth.

Are these changes for the better,
Can I regress?
Is that's what's best?

No longer needlessly petty,
There is no solid land,
I fail to understand.

How my very personality.
Is so changeable,

With every step I take,
I seem to be,
More alien, to me.