This is Glaceon's Poetrydex entry. Please enjoy and comment!


We were the same,
In every way,
Life was a game,
We just seized the day.

Totally alone,
But for each other,
Always home,
With one another.

And I screamed,
As he captured you,
Never dreamed,
Didn't know what to~

So I threw myself down,
And offered myself to her,
That lifted her frown,
And the world became a blur.....

And the days they were long,
And the days were filled with joy,
Happy days of work and song,
Her Pokémon, her, and that boy...

One day, I battled a powerful Snover,
The battle I soundly one,
But the rock covered in moss and clover
Evolved me into a Glaceon.

And she was kind, and filled with Joy,
She was so proud, thrilled with me,
But that cold-hearted, brutal boy,
Convinced her to set me free.

'It's only right' she said,
But she already had an Ice Type on her team,
I'd rather be done and dead,
Then have you taken from me.

The days they were long,
The days they were empty,
I spent them totally alone
No Evee had come there but me.

I was suited to the cold,
But from comfort I refrained,
My heat had this hole,
So every day I trained.

Freedom was a prison that had taken me,
Away from you, and I couldn't stand.
I'd rather be a slave with you than to be free
On my own. So I slave with my hand,

And as the days grow longer,
And numbered 'till again I see you,
I'll make myself just a little bit stronger.
And then for you I'll come and rescue.

Because I will wait for a lifetime!
Work harder and harder until I can,
Yes, I will train for a lifetime!
Show them both just who I am.

And yes, the days are numbered,
The days until you will be free.
Until I walk, unencumbered,
And take you away with me.