This is Gastly's Poetrydex entry.

Brand New WorldEdit

Sinking, falling, sinking, falling,
Worried friends and family calling,
The black sludge clings, pulls me down,
Sweet darkness comes from all around,
And as I inhale the black death-
I realise it's my last breath.

I want to fight, I want to stay-
So many last words I need to say-
But they can't hear me, way down here-
And now I have to disappear...

But wait, no! There's a choice,
I'm informed by an echoing voice,
I can leave, and never come back-
Or stay, until the sun burns black.

Ideas and thoughts swirl around my head,
Thinking clearer now, now that I'm dead.
Is it worth it, to say my last goodbyes-
To look once more upon the skies-
But never see what lyes beyond?
From heaven I must forever abscond.

But I can't leave, I decide,
From heaven, I will hide.
Celebrations will my family host,
When I come back, as a ghost!

No sooner then I am decided,
Then I open a groggy eyelid,
And find myself outside my home,
Alive again, but all alone.

I rush to find my family and tell-
That I have turned down heaven and hell,
And will live my days here, with them all!
My death undone, my life a ball!

Happiness is me, as I run,
Or, more glide, to be honest,
But I take no notice, ignore it-
Until I find my family, I won't rest!

Then, I see them, my family and friends-
Weeping, tears exstinguisihing their flaming tail-ends,
Weeping, shouting, sobbing, crying-
Can't over my temporary dying.

I call out loud, my words clear
But then, to my shock and fear,
My words aren't my own, but instead-
Of a different Pokémon-Pokémon that are dead!

They turn and scream, grief turns to rage-
And it's clear for all to see-
The sadness and anger at my passing-
They're channeling!

I try to run, tell them to refrain-
But my dead lips just can't explain!
They incinerate me, I can't catch breath-
I run, avoiding my second death.

I flee, flying, feet off the ground-
Screaming only an unnatural sound,
The pain, the rage, the flame, the grief!
I plunge into a river, and gain sweet relief.

.....Hours pass......Maybe days...
I awake, in a haze,
And stare at my reflection!
But no! This must be deception!

Because my face not stares back at me-
But the face of a dreaded Ghastly!
I stare, and realize what I've done-
Never can I explain to anyone.

I'm a ghost, shut off from those I loved-
I'll be attacked on sound or sight,
I'm harmless, not aggressive! But-
My very face inspires fright.

My days will be filled with despair,
I'm not dead, not fully alive-
But I can die a second time,
No afterlife for me, you see...
I guess I must learn to survive.
For non existence awaits, if I die,