This is Feebas and Milotic's Poetrydex entry. Please enjoy, and comment.

Beauty's ScarEdit

My Mama swore that it didn't matter,
What we looked like, not at all.
When she said it I just looked at her,
Wondering if pride came before a fall.

I was always ugly, at least in my eyes,
Fat lips, ugly color, pudgy, revolting.
Think of it, the sheer surprise,
When he proposed to me I was jolting.

Apply the pressure, warmth of his presence,
With love came children, with children, bliss,
I was finally loved, placed in reverence,
Who could ask for any more than this?

Life moved on, and rolled the hole time,
There were ups, there were downs,
But all in all, it was really pretty fine,
Troubles slid from our rubbery downs.

But, then the human came,
Fished for a day and a night
And to my eternal shame,
I took the bate, sacrificed
A life.

I was his, a possession,
He treated me so kind
But I hated the transgression,
Wanted time to rewind.

He fed me dry meals,
I ate it up-so thick!
Soon, different I feel,
I became a Milotic.

The wish I had once wished had come finally true,
I was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen,
I would have traded it all for home, and my right fin, too.
To the old me this choice would have seemed obscene.

So I made my escape,
Empowered by my transformation,
Ran whilst he slape,
Slithered home to my former location.

It wasn't hard,
Didn't travel too far,
But I was now scarred,
Yes, beauty a scar.

None believed who I was, no,
They did not think they could evolve,
I tried to convince them to let me home,
But their trust of me was in full-dissolve.

My children turned me away,
Tears show my eternal regret,
I scar myself every day,
Haven't paid beauty's price yet.