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A Life Less EasyEdit

Oh, life is cruel!
Harsh, unforgiving,
But if life wasn't harsh,
It wouldn't be living.

Blast! Inflame!
Jump! Thrust!
A harsh game,
In ourselves we trust.

The losers of our dance,
Rarely leave unharmed,
And sometimes not at all,
It happens, we're unalarmed.

True, a society,
Where we work together,
Might make everything,
Peachy, dandy, forever.

But we don't want,
Your narrow contentment!
We view your mod cons,
With a harsh resentment!

We are loyal, strong,
Together in violence,
You think it wrong,
Your thoughts-irrelevance!

Have you forgotten,
Where you came from?
A blood tradition,
You relied upon.

And now you look,
At what you used to be-
With a critical eye-
It makes you uneasy,

To see what you should be.
You're so-called life,
Is a sham. It isn't living-
If there isn't any strife.