This is Elekid, Electabuzz and Electivire's Poetrydex entry. Comment and enjoy!


Do you remember,
When we were younger?
Everything so new,
I sometimes hunger...

For the days when
We would windmill are hands
To generate a current,
Till we were too tired to stand.

And we grew,
We held competitions,
Seeing who get hit by lightning at,
The path of least opposition.

Hiding in plants,
Till the people were gone,
Coming out then,
To an electrical song.

And remember the thunderstorms?
And how we would go out,
And think the lightning from our parents,
To them we would shout,
Until our voices gave out.

And remember those
Little yellow boxes,
Brimming with power,
Full of tiny sockets.

And when the magnets,
Passed over us,
The electrical units,
Beeped and buzzed,

And then we bigger,
Older and stronger,
Could fight harder,
Last a lot longer.

We looked kinda monstrous,
And people did stare,
But we laughed in their faces,
Cause we didn't care.

And we didn't let the current,
Bend us or break us,
And we lead our own way,
Didn't let us take us.

We never needed current,
To give us a home
Just windmilled our arms,
To make our own.