This is Dragonite's Poetrydex entry. Comment and enjoy!

Rush, RushEdit

Rush, rush,
Right around the world.
Rush, rush,
Till together it blurs.

Rush, rush,
Over a unified sea,
Rush, rush,
It can't touch me.

I can't tell you how much my lungs are burning,
How much by bones creak and ache,
I can't tell you how much my heart is yearning,
For an end to a bloody mistake.

Because when you fly,
Shipwrecked sailors to shore,
You're a legend in the sky,
Can't go back any more.

Because once you win the trust,
Of the hearts of people, for danger braving-
Eventually you begun to lust,
For a people not always in need of saving.

And eventually, as kind as you were,
Thanks is nowhere near sufficient.
Did I not just save your son, your daughter?
Next time I may be a little less efficient.

And as light as you try to be,
Your heart will melt and spoil,
You can never end every tragedy,
No matter how hard you toil.

So, why bother?
Help anyone, anywhere, at all?
Let them see their need,
Show them how long they can fall.

But when they didn't need you,
Because grief can only live, then die,
Bad times can be braved through,
They don't need a legend in the sky.

That's when you think,
Is this all they know of me?
Maybe, they'll forget less
If exposed to more tragedy.

Rush, rush,
Buildings crash,
Crush, crush,
Skulls smash.

Rush, rush,
Terrible scene-
Crush, crush,
Glorious scream.

"You forgot me!
That's all you do!
You need me now!
Fucking don't you!!!?"

But when you relax in destruction's shade,
You find you're still kind, you're still the same,
And so when you see sense, when aggression fades,
All you can do is run around the world in shame.

And hope you burn yourself out.