This is Deino, Zweilous and Hydreigon's Poetrydex entry. Comment and enjoy!

The Whole World BlindEdit

In all the world,
You'll struggle to find,
A greater injustice,
Than being blind.

To be forced to navigate,
Through a bumped and bruised head,
To be laughed at,
Or pitied-fuck that, I'd rather be dead.

To hear others, in full clarity,
Prattle on about beauty and colour.
No matter how powerful this body was,
I would have killed to gain another.

And then an evolution,
Began to change my song.
As well as blindness,
I got a second head added on.

And it was frustration,
And I wanted to chew it to death.
To cut at its airways with my teeth,
Until neither of us drew breath.

But we ate and competed,
Conquested and hated,
Bullied and jeered,
Injured and berated.

Until finally it all ended,
With a wondrous unity-
No longer at odds,
I part of him, or he me.

No longer hating eachother,
But the rest of the world,
In the face of our destruction,
Death we did out-dole.

And from the head of all we found,
Two eyes we did pluck.
One for revenge against the world,
The other, just for luck.