This is Darmanitan's Poetrydex entry. Comment and enjoy!

A Simple LieEdit

We cheat.
We lie without speaking.
Your perception,
We are forever tweaking.

The unfortunate necessity,
Of battling is, to remorse,
The snap decisions
That are par of the course.

Examine the foe,
Find the heel,
Adjust, strike there,
And they will kneel.

So you see us, Darmanitan,
Playing with blasted fire,
And adjust your plans,
Not knowing us a liar.

Often, our brute force,
Results in victory,
But for a certain type,
Of foe, a different story.

If they adapt correctly,
Enough to beat us down,
We reveal our lies,
And take back the victor's crown.

For whatever plan you've used thus far,
Is useless against this totally new foe,
Which, though has great want for strength,
Can mentally beat you down low.

A style switch,
An aggressor inverted,
Instantly changed,
The defender inserted.

Aggression replaced,
With solidarity.
Blind attack gives way-
To emotional prodigy.

And who would you be to complain?
You took an appearance in with your eye,
From rash judgements you should refrain,
Lest you fall again for a clever lie.