This is Darkrai's Poetrydex entry. Comment and enjoy!

The Nightmare Cocktail Edit

A pity you're too selfish,
To enjoy the wine of your pain,
Yours screams, suffering,
I long to hear again and again.

Fear is cheap, sharp,
Easy to get drunk on,
Hardest to enjoy,
The emotion most common.

Humiliation only slightly more subtle,
Just a tiny glimpse before intoxication,
Ah, but I do love the taste,
Of your sweet, sweet mortification.

Regret, a delightfully simple cocktail,
Reliving past memories with a delicious dread,
Regret, composed of two chief ingredients-
Longing for lost loves, longing for the dead.

Paranoia, schizophrenic, bipolar,
Dissociative Identity Disordered, if you will,
Sometimes delightful, something sweet within it,
Other times as rotten as happiness-such swill!

Pure remorse is by far the finest,
But drink, too much, and soaks into you,
Pure remorse, sadness, delectable,
Until you begin to feel remorseful too.

Terror. Omnipresent. My calling card.
The most refreshing beverage I make from you, by far,
Terror. Nightmares for the rest of your life.
Good luck healing from this teterrimous scar.

A scent, of pain, is enough to draw me in,
In your sleep all these and more I can brew
Awake, nothing, wasting, pointless,
This is the only use I can find for you.
The best thing you could ever hope to do.

Refresh me.