This is Cresselia's Poetrydex entry. Comment and enjoy.


You are pleasure.
Just perverted.
You are dreams,
Just subverted.

You are everything,
At which we excel,
Take a dreamland,
Turn it into hell.

And I heal the wounds,
Of those you chose to scare,
Some wounds are too mighty,
From an almighty nightmare.

Don't you see their bodies squirming?
Is there no empathy in you?
Whilst awake, full of yearning,
Suffering, now, is all they can do.

You are happiness,
Just corrupted,
All our light,

Your nightmares trap them,
In a harness,
Now they're lost to a
World of darkness.

Healing your damage,
And tracking you down,
Proves too difficult,
You're gaining ground.

I can't abandon the chase,
And I won't abandon the victims,
So my own health suffers as I run-
Your nightmares I evict, them.

This task is hellish,
No relaxing,
Blood, death, blood, death,
Far too taxing.

My light isn't shining,
Too brightly any more.
I've seen so much sickness,
Way more than before.

Running, saving,
Tugging out my hair.
Hope to catch you soon,
End the Nightmare.