This is Chandelure' s Poetrydex entry. Comment and enjoy!

Mesmerise, HypnotiseEdit


Mental weakness should
Drive you to shame,
Encaptured, enthralled,
By a dancing flame.

You don't have the
Wits to shout,
Even as I siphon
Your soul out.

And your own stupidity,
Stays my empathy.
In regard to you, how could IHave any sympathy?

Leaving my home,
Food easy to attain.
There was a time when,
Hunting did entertain.

When every second,
Could bring disaster,
Before this task,
I did master-

Is my intelligence rising,
Or the world's going down?
The answer is in the stupidity,
Of those all around.

But what if I stretched my sights,
To a more worthy dish,
Humans, to feast upon.
Oh, what a wish!

The delectable challenge,
Of fooling their minds,
A more intelligent prey,
I couldn't find.

Children at first,
To build up a taste,
The elderly, too,
Let them not go to waste.

Mother in front of children,
Children in front of mother,
Mesmerise, Hypnotise,
A joy like no other.