This is Celebi 's Poetrydex entry.


People say time is like a river,
Strong, in one direction,
The truth in this but a sliver,
I have learned, upon reflection.

That time is like a storm of thunder,
Full of swirling winds and lightning,
All fractionality tossed asunder,
By the winds of time-most frighting.

We all think our journey's straight,
One line, forever and always unchaining,
But when the winds rise or abate,
Our lives are constantly re-arranging.

It is like an unholy swamp-land,
Where our rivers merge and split,
Some dry out, and become still sand,
Where other's burst out of it.

The rivers flow fast and strong,
No matter how you fight the current,
You'll see it's been steering you all along,
That's the truth that I have learnt.

But there are anchors that exist,
The river's mouth, the storm's eye,
A great number, too many to list,
With much more power than I.

For though I can sail against the river,
For though I can fly against the wind,
My power in comparison is but a sliver,
To those who take very time and bend.

Who warp and shape the field,
Who always rewrite the rules,
That humans have searched-and failed!-
To find them, the bloody fools.

Most destinies avoid these beings at all cost,
Changing countless lives, altering the void,
But some are steered, without ever being lost,
Too them, so that not even they can avoid.

Powerful people, armed with knowledge,
Gained from an outside world of things,
Who amongst themselves pledge,
To capture these great beings.

They IV hunt and EV train,
So that these beings can't win,
Use info from a computer brain,
Surely that is a sin.

Not even I, with my ability,
To run, can escape.
For though, I truly tried to flee-
Capture was my fate.