This is Arceus' Poetrydex entry. Please comment, and be warned-some violent scenes are depected.

Chains of The FatherEdit

I am God, I created all.
Man, Pokémon, everything.
But restrained by a mere Pokéball.....
To kill him, I would give everything.

You came up to me with a sacred flute,
And attacked me with your mites,
You threw a 'Master Ball', took me as your loot,
Surprise, it seems, outstripped my might.

I am trapped in the very web of my own creation,
Regretting every human I made,
Why did I make this parasitic race an intelligent nation?
My fury shall never abade.

Here I am, a slave to the man I made,
Here I am, a slave to a fool,
He's gambled his life away, fame the trade,
Thinking he could use me like a tool?

I shall make him Immortal,
Command Raikou to permanently paralyze,
Send him to a personal hell,
Gaze every day at the pain in his eyes.

My Genesect shall slice him to ribbons,
My Palkia scatter him across dimensions,
My Dialga cause him to suffer through all time,
All day, everyday, without halt nor intervention.

As soon as he dies, and I am set free,
As soon as he slips and lets me escape,
And if he grows wise, tries to dispose of me,
The universe, all time, all the world I will rape.

Nothing will survive.
Everything would shatter,
No one alive,
No universe for it to matter.

You came up,
Chained me.
You gave up,
Refrained me.
You will pay,
I'll slay you.
You will die and die-
'till I'm bored of you.