This is Absol's Poetrydex entry. Comment, enjoy.


Did I cause the disaster,
In your neighbourhood?
Am I a bastard,
Or just misunderstood?

When they assume that my presence-
That correlation equals causation,
A disaster nearby, nearly always,
Implies my participation.

For years and years,
Hunted to the brink,
Because you humans
Did naught but think.

And then a reversal,
A change in ground,
To us dear Absol,
You soon came around.

We were just messengers,
Bringing a warning,
Or perhaps there to join,
You humans in mourning.

And now we are beloved,
Or at least, tolerated,
But this change, and disasters-
The numbers correlated.

Twice the amount of Absol,
Aloud to roam,
Twice the likelihood of a disaster,
Somewhere near your home!

Yet you still love us!
Well, it's about to get rougher!
All hell'll break loose!
We do love to see you suffer!