This is Arcanines Poetrydex entry.

Life Starts

Let me tell you a story,
As we dance while the sun starts to bleed...
As it runs down the sky,
I see the look in your eye,
You think I'm the only one you'll ever need.

Your eyes dance like fire,
You are the personification of flame,
You've always been wild,
With the spirit of a child,
It's your fault that you cannot be blamed.

All my life I was hers,
She was the only way I defined myself,
But as we danced in the sun
It lost it's allure to just one-
I wasn't ready, you can't be ready for hell.

So I danced on my own,
My partner was silent, an image, a shadow-
Though I danced on my own,
I never danced like I was alone,
On my own, but not alone, never was, no.

Because I was waiting,
I knew someone would save me somehow,
I was far from fine,
A suicidal Arcanine,
But that's all behind me because-Life Starts Now.

Everything that came before,
I will push away, don't need to remember,
I'll forget somehow,
Life Starts Now,
This is bright January to a dark December.

So let me forget the story,
As we dance while the sun starts to bleed,
Yes, it goes down-
But t always rises somehow-
It's all two wild souls will ever need.